Mensagem do Presidente

Nobody argues that, in our country, massive investments are essential to improve the quality of education, health, security and income distribution, and that civil society can and should do its part, providing its contribution to public policies.

We believe that, in the long term, support for Education is the most important of these investments, because with the improvement of educational standards, other problems can be solved.

Of all Education sectors, whether in Brazil or in other countries, Early Childhood Education is the one that most needs the support of civil society.

Firstly, because investments in this sector provide a much higher social and economic rate of return than investments in Elementary, Secondary or Higher Education.

According to longitudinal research carried out in several countries, each dollar invested in Early Childhood Education brings a return of 7 to 10 dollars to the country, in terms of better student use in the later stages of learning, lower dropout or repetition rates, better life quality in adulthood as a citizen of the workforce, lower crime rate, lower health expenses, and better citizenship. The same dollar applied in Elementary Education brings a return in the order of five dollars, in High School approximately two dollars, and in Higher Education only one dollar.

Secondly, Early Childhood Education needs the support of civil society, because it is the least served by the Government, While 99% of children today can enroll in elementary school (from 6 years old), only 20% of low-income children aged 2 to 5 years have the opportunity to attend a daycare center or a pre-school program!

These are the reasons why INSTITUTO STIMULUS makes CHILDHOOD EDUCATION its priority, in particular for children from low-income families.

Our dream is that our work will spread across Brazil in a multiplier effect through other social entrepreneurs, to whom we offer our support, experience and encouragement.

We look forward to counting on you.

Henrique Flanzer