The Stimulus Institute

We are a non-profit organization created in 2010 by Henrique Flanzer, an engineer, economist, teacher and entrepreneur who, upon retiring, decided to share his experience, time and resources to contribute to the reduction of social and economic inequalities in Brazil.

We chose to concentrate our efforts in the area of Early Childhood Education, specifically in community institutions (daycare centers and pre-schools), which constitute the most precarious educational network serving the most vulnerable part of the population.

Our focus

Our main activity has been to provide free training courses for educators working in early childhood education, in addition to developing research to understand the needs and trends of educational institutions in this sector.

We work with a lean administrative structure, outsourcing operations, with the support of consultants, educators and child psychologists experienced in this educational area, maintaining financial and operational independence, respecting the guidelines of the BNCC (National Common Curricular Base), and focusing on projects that allow metrics, replicability and significant social return.

Beyond face-to-face courses, we strive to disseminate technical and pedagogical information through distance learning tools, allowing for greater replicability that can serve institutions and teachers with access difficulties.


Chief Executive Officer: Henrique Flanzer

Our mission

Improve the quality of education for children up to 6 years of age, in vulnerable communities

Our Priorities

Projects with replicability that allow measurement of results.

Our Principles

Ethical behavior, transparency, renouncing profit or discriminatory activities, operational independence, respect for government guidelines such as the National Curricular Base.